About Me

Life is far too interesting to stay focussed on just one thing! So, I have dabbled with different roles and interests all along my career. I am a product strategist, entrepreneur, speaker, blogger, feminist, mother, mentor, coach all rolled into one!

I have over 16 years of experience in product management and software delivery. I started my career as a software trainer and developer. I then transitioned into Business analysis, project management, Agile coaching and product strategy.

My first startup venture was an art school (https://www.facebook.com/purpleartschool/). And the second was a software product in the event mobility and digital engagement domain (www.aidaio.com).

My entrepreneurial experience helped me gain insights into sales, marketing and business operations. I have consulted, coached and enabled various organizations in their digital transformation journeys.

I take team management and mentorship very seriously. I love bringing people together to achieve meaningful goals. Coaching women aspiring to leadership roles is something I am quite passionate about.

I am a natural leader, and an unapologetic feminist. At ThoughtWorks, where I worked for close to 7 years, I helped setup a forum to encourage women to speak at conferences. I also helped setup a child care facility in the Bangalore premises

I also am a self taught artist. I paint in various mediums, and on a wide variety of subjects. I have exhibited and sold my works of art. I have conducted workshops for software teams using art to train on software practices, and project management.

I am a single mother. My son, (now) 10 years old keeps me on my toes. I try very hard (and usually struggle) to keep up with his pace of learning, creativity and vocabulary.

This is a portrait of my son that I painted a few years ago.

About this blog

This blog is my medium to share my insights on business strategy, leadership, and product management techniques.

Software industry is still evolving. We are still trying to find our groove on what processes work best, how to bring together diverse, distributed teams to delivering quality software, who we're loyal to - is it the technology? the business? the people?

I write about everyday challenges that product managers, and leadership face. I intend to share my perspectives and tips on how to overcome those challenges and offer solutions based on what has worked for me.

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